Discover a Rich History

Nestled within the highlands of New Mexico, Las Vegas began 180 years ago as a commercial depot for the Southwest. Today, it’s a small college town working to preserve the history of our nation. From Pueblo ruins to historic buildings, you can discover new things every day.

Experience our Culture

Come enjoy a true western environment—where you can experience an exciting blend of arts and culture that you can’t find anywhere else. From our local antique galleries and summer festivals to our New Mexican cuisine, you’ll be exposed to a variety of customs, traditions and lifestyles.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

The most attractive reason to live in Las Vegas is our pristine, unspoiled landscapes. Get ready to enjoy clean, crisp air, waving meadows and outdoor recreation. Whether you're interested in taking strolls under blue, open skies, hunting, fishing or hiking majestic mountain ranges, our unique location has it all.

Las Vegas Facts

40+ Films Shot in Las Vegas

Close to Sante Fe and Taos

Over 900 Historic Buildings